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Ovens - Multi Function Combi Oven

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01. Cooking quality 

02. ECO Advantages 

03. Easy-to-use

04. Reliability 

05. Cooking System 

Ovens specialized in chicken roasting

Ovens for home-smoking

Economicity and Ecology


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Multi Function Combi Oven

Digital,programmable, COMBISTAR BX has touch keys to select cooking or reheating programs or to program manual cooking in dry, steam or combi mode. The cooking quality improves with the APM active
system, which automatically measures the correct
quantity of heat, time after time. A perfect and even cooking every time, managed with precision, thanks to the AOC system for the active control of the cooking environment, also modulary in combi and dry mode.


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Ovens - Small Combi Oven

In the range of ANGELO PO steam/convection combination ovens for professional caterers, the FM423E1-E2 are superior cooking appliances, ideal for “à la carte” service or indeed for any gastronomic use.
To be placed on table, under cooking appliances or for domestic usage.

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Ovens - Pizza ovens

Confirming its standing as a cooking specialist, Angelo Po offers conventional ovens for cooking pizzas. The range of products has varying chamber sizes to meet the most demanding requirements.

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Ovens - Salamander

Moreover, in Angelo Po cooking range, you find equipments for finishing operations, "gratiné", cooking with a heat source (with intensity regulation) on the upper side.

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